Crime Victims’ Compensation (CVC) Program

The CVC Program financially assists victims of violent crime in paying for reasonable medical expenses, counseling expenses, funeral expenses, lost wages and loss of support. CVC also can pay attorney fees and personal property such as bedding and clothing seized by law enforcement as evidence in the crime that compensation is being sought for. The following chart illustrates the award breakdowns for various fiscal years.

Fiscal Year Support Wage Funeral Medical Attorney Property
FY13 $245,931.62 $189,738.47 $1,014,391.56 $3,742,524.42 $850.73 $272.32
FY14 $193,794.43 $210,014.98 $758,822.22 $2,804,727.39 $2,970.00 $179.90
FY15 $146,310.59 $161,003.12 $961,473.71 $2,945,171.66 $2,041.67 $243.76