The Missouri Emergency Resource Registry (MERR) is a database of private sector resources that businesses have agreed to make available to emergency management officials, on either a voluntary or paid basis, in the event of a natural disaster or terrorist attack. The MERR is operated by the Missouri Public-Private Partnership (MOP3) Committee, authorized by the state's Homeland Security Advisory Council (HSAC).

This sub-committee promotes the application of best business practices; partnering on planning, training and exercise development; fostering participation in intelligence/information fusion; and provide a private sector platform to address issues and concerns for homeland security initiatives.

The group is currently working on the Missouri Emergency Resource Registry, which is an actionable database of private sector companies that would provide goods and/or services upon declaration by authorized personnel of a disaster.

Emergencies require action. When a tornado hits, flood waters rise, an industrial accident occurs or an area is attacked, immediate response is required, often from across a region. Emergency responders can act quickly only when given the right people - the right equipment - at the right place - at the right time to coordinate rescue, response, and recovery.

In an emergency, time is critical. Responding agencies must quickly identify what resources are needed, then scramble to find them. Too often, the resources they need are in short supply or not readily unavailable or too many phone calls are required to locate needed assets. Local suppliers may be crippled by a disaster; the usual supply chains may be broken or power sources may be offline. When time is short, the value of a well-developed, in-depth emergency response and resource plan is clear.

The Missouri Emergency Resource Registry (MERR) is an online network of businesses that are helping emergency responders across the community, while receiving valuable information to help protect their own businesses during disasters. They are doing this by working with local and state agencies providing accurate updated information about critical resources to enable instant access to benefit emergency responders.



The MERR supports standardized categories of response and support vehicles for emergency use. Standards and attributes for each vehicle type allow emergency managers to quickly find the right type of vehicle to meet the immediate need


Water pumps

With hundreds of equipment categories including those for heavy construction, communications, power and lighting, hand and power tools, personal protection and many others, authorized users can plan for and locate needed resources.



Buildings and structures for storage, staging, command, treatment and various other needs can all be identified, organized and documented to meets the needs of emergency planners and responders alike.



Food, water and medical supplies are but a few of the standard supplies that can be identified in the MERR online system, providing benefit to both responders as well as victims of major disasters.

Professional Services

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The online MERR system helps identify businesses that can provide "TEAMS" of structural engineers, mechanical engineers, network engineers, medical support personnel, etc. to support disaster response

Private sector companies, working in partnership with state and local governments, can play a critical role in responding to disasters and other emergencies within their communities or across their regions.

The State of Missouri is taking a proactive approach to both preparation and response to major incidents of natural disasters or terrorism. This proactive approach is critical for the protection of the people and infrastructure of the state as well as recovery from the effects of such an incident. Recent disasters, both in and out of the State of Missouri, have made clear the need for an effective proactive partnership between public emergency responders and the private sector to assist the state in these efforts.

Everyone wants to help, but often, they don't know how. Participating in the Missouri Emergency Response Registry (MERR) allows you and your business to make a real difference to people in your community and region. Joining MERR gives you a chance to:

  • Work with others to protect your community.
  • Build mutually beneficial relationships with other organizations, both for profit and non-profit.
  • Develop working relationships with government agencies.
  • Work with others to prepare your organization for an emergency.
  • Can any business participate in Missouri Emergency Resource Registry?
    Any business can identify assets or resources for possible use by state management personnel through the MERR portal. Once you submit your application, you will be contacted by phone or email. All applications go through a review and authorization process conducted by your local Resource Registry representative.
  • Why does government need my help?
    Private Sector owns 85% of the country’s critical infrastructure. All  states face budget deficits, and the Council on Foreign Relations estimates a $100 Billion dollar shortfall in funding for Homeland security over five years. These reasons and more show why government can’t do it alone. When catastrophes occur, business and government work together, but not always as efficiently or as effectively as they could. MERR pre-plans and coordinates what resources are available and where, so that a much faster response is possible.
  • Am I assuming any liability by offering my equipment or services to MERR?
    The State of Missouri has specific liability and Good Samaritan laws addressing liability exemption for volunteers and resources provided the state under disaster declaration.
  • What if my situation changes?
    We understand that businesses face changes. MERR is flexible and can provide you the ability to keep your level of participation in line with what is good for your business. A participating business can update their information when needed to maintain accurate information for the emergency response community.
  • Your needs list doesn’t have anything I have, can I still Participate?
    The items listed on this web site are typically only the highest priority needs for a given state or area. Many more resources are always needed and beneficial during major incidents. Businesses that provide all types of emergency resources are always welcome to submit a request for membership.
  • Do I get paid for the use of my resources?
    State and local governments are always grateful to receive donated resources whether funding, equipment or critical supplies, and the MERR supports your ability to designate these types of resources to support your community needs. To ensure that critical resources are available when needed, many states ask that resources be offered on a pro bono basis during the initial days of a major incident. However, the MERR also recognizes that business need income, and as allowed by each state, the MERR process encourages organizations to identify and pre-establish the terms and conditions associated with the delivery, usage and payment for provided resources.
  • What is the State of Missouri asking of me?
    The State of Missouri is asking businesses to participate by agreeing to provide identified resources during an emergency "subject of their availability" reducing response time, saving lives and speeding economic recovery. The MERR will provide a needed asset surge capability that government leaders have identified as a serious gap in their response to catastrophic events, either natural or man-made.

The State of Missouri requests your participation in a unique program to identify resources / assets owned by the private sector that the State may call upon to respond to terrorism and natural disasters.

The MERR uses the Aidmatrix secured database that is available to the State Emergency Management Agency through a secure login. The MERR will connect emergency management personnel to needed private sector resources (trucks, trailers, generators, staging facilities, professional service personnel) quickly and effectively during a catastrophic event. Any business, corporation, Non-Profit, Non-Governmental Organization(NGO), or faith-based organization can join as a member of the MERR by signing-up and identifying owned assets, which may be available to the State for disaster response.

Identifying your assets does not obligate you to provide them if they are not available.

For those identifying response assets this is a two step process:

  • Step One - sign-up as a registered user to receive secure login authorization. Click Here
  • Step Two - once you receive a login authorization, proceed to the response asset page to identify (equipment, goods, services, and personnel) that you may make available to the community for disaster response.