The Department of Public Safety works to ensure the safety and security of Missouri’s citizens and their property. In accordance with a 2017 executive order, the department is reviewing all of its administrative rules and is interested in hearing from the public. Input from the citizens DPS serves is essential. Public comments were welcomed through Aug. 31, 2017.

The Department of Public Safety includes six divisions, two commissions, and the Office of the Director, all of which are focused on ensuring the safety of Missourians through a broad range of programs and services.

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Department of Public Safety Section 536.175, RSMo. Periodic Rule Review Report, Part 2

In addition to serving as the central management unit with responsibility over Department of Public Safety agencies, the Office of the Director administers programs and grants to various criminal justice services, provides training and licensing to law enforcement officers, and houses the Missouri Office of Homeland Security.

The Missouri National Guard organizes, trains and prepares a family- and community-based force of ready citizen Soldiers and Airmen as units to defend and serve the people of Missouri and the United States of America, including emergency and disaster response when activated by the Governor.

Responsibilities of the Division of Fire Safety, also known as the Office of the State Fire Marshal, include training and certifying firefighters, conducting fire investigations at the request of local authorities, and providing licensing and inspection in several areas, including elevators, amusement rides, boiler and pressure vessels, blasting, fireworks retailers, as well as fire safety inspections of certain child care and nursing care facilities. The Division of Fire Safety also works to coordinate state fire service mutual aid and confirms that burn bans are appropriate with local jurisdictions.

The Missouri Gaming Commission regulates riverboat gambling, charitable bingo and fantasy sports contests in Missouri. It is the responsibility of the MGC to regulate charitable and commercial gaming in a manner which promotes a positive impact on the State and ensures the integrity of the industry.

As Missouri’s statewide law enforcement agency, the Missouri State Highway Patrol enforces traffic and boating laws and provides services to maintain a safe and secure environment for Missourians. The Missouri State Highway Patrol oversees statewide law enforcement administrative services and programs such as missing persons, maintaining Missouri’s registered sex offender list, the Uniform Crime Report and the Patrol crime laboratory system. The Patrol also conducts school bus and commercial vehicle inspections, licenses inspector mechanics who conduct motor vehicle inspections, and administers the driver examinations.

The Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Control oversees the regulations of alcoholic beverages to ensure public health and safety, including issuing and disciplining liquor licenses for manufacturers, distributors and retailers. The division also collects the revenue the state collects from alcoholic tax and licensing fees and oversees the enforcement of youth tobacco laws.

The Peace Officer Standards and Training Program (POST) licenses peace officers, maintain officer education, and conduct investigations into disciplining the licenses of Missouri peace officers. POST licenses law enforcement training centers and instructors and approves training curriculum.

The Missouri Veterans Commission (MVC) was established by Missouri statute to aid all veterans, their dependents, and legal representatives by providing information regarding the rights of veterans and their dependents and to assist veterans accessing their available benefits through the state and federal governments. MVC provides veterans with timely benefits assistance, skilled nursing care and a final resting place with honor.