Missouri Crime Prevention Center

The Missouri Crime Prevention Information Center was established within the Department of Public Safety by Senate Bill 763 enacted by the 87th Missouri General Assembly and signed into law by Governor Mel Carnahan on June 29, 1994, and as amended by CCS SS SCS HB 174, HCS HB 325, and HCS HB 326 in 1995 by the 88th General Assembly.

The Center's purpose is to develop and implement a comprehensive, long-range, integrated program which will mobilize all Missouri residents, including the youth of this state, in a year-round preventive effort to reduce crime, violence, drug abuse and delinquency.

As an information clearinghouse for crime prevention efforts, the Center will provide a means by which law enforcement and prevention related agencies, civilian personnel, and the education community may acquire the resource materials, technical assistance, knowledge, and skills necessary to develop, implement, and evaluate crime prevention and intervention programs.

Fatal Vision Simulator Goggles

Fatal Vision Goggles are available for request by law enforcement agencies to be used in conjunction with safety training to demonstrate how quickly impairment can turn fun into devastating consequences for anyone who drives while impaired by alcohol or drugs. There is no charge for the loan of the goggles (other than shipping costs if the item cannot be picked up), but the borrowing agency is responsible for any damage that occurs while in the possession of the borrowing agency.

To learn more about this or other products manufactured by Innocorp, Ltd., visit their website at www.fatalvision.com.

McGruff the Crime Dog Costume

The Department of Public Safety also has available a McGruff the Crime Dog costume for usage by law enforcement agencies and local businesses/community partners. There is no charge for the loan of this costume (other than shipping costs if the item cannot be picked up), but the borrowing agency is responsible for the cost of dry cleaning the costume prior to its return to our Department and is responsible for any damage that occurs while the costume is in the possession of the borrowing agency.

The costume may be used to help promote any nonprofit, drug-free crime prevention event that is sponsored by, or conducted in conjunction with, a law enforcement or criminal justice agency. Please contact DPS to verify that your event constitutes an appropriate occassion for the appearance of McGruff. The McGruff costume is specifically designed for prevention education use in the areas of crime, violence, and/or substance abuse.

A public appearance in a McGruff costume requires responsible behavior by the costume wearer and those conducting the event. NCPC has guidelines for use of the McGruff costume.

The following brochures, videos, and other materials are available to you upon request. The reproducible brochures are available by clicking on their respective link or upon request if you are unable to view or open an Adobe Acrobat PDF document.

Printed Brochures and Material


  • 1-2-3: A Parent's Guide for Preventing Gangs
  • A Safe Workplace Starts With You
  • Community Oriented Policing (Community Initiatives)
  • Crystal Methamphetamine: Fast Facts
  • Cybersafety for Kids Online: A Parent's Guide
  • Get In Stride and Stay Safe: Safety Tips for Runners and Walkers
  • Graffiti: Often the First Sign of Trouble
  • How Can I Protect Kids From Crime and Violence?
  • Is Meth In Your Neighborhood?
  • It Shouldn't Hurt to Be a Kid (Preventing Child Sexual Assault)
  • Keys to the Technology Super Highway: Teach Kids at a Young Age the Rules of the Technology Superhighway
  • Making Peace: Tips on Managing Conflict
  • Protecting Your Privacy: Keeping an Eye on Private Information
  • Sexual Assault: Facts to Reduce the Risk and to Cope with an Attack
  • Shoplifting: The Expensive Crime Everyone Pays For
  • Take a Stand Against Crime (Neighborhood Watch Facts)
  • Working Together to Create Safe Schools

Reproducible Brochures En Espanol (Spanish)

Made Available by NCPC

Other Reproducible Brochures


  • Are We Delivering on the Promises of Community Policing? VHS
  • Auto Theft: A Crime of CLASSIC Proportion VHS
  • Bullying Prevention VHS
  • Child-Proofing your Guns VHS
  • Community Policing: Programs and Services VHS
  • COPPS - Community Oriented Policing and Problem Solving VHS
  • Crime Check: Bank Robbery VHS
  • Cyber Crime Fighting: The Law Enforcement Officer's Guide to Online Crime VHS
  • Dealing with Diversity: Perception vs. Reality VHS
  • Epitaph for a Drug User VHS
  • First Response to Victims of Crime DVD w/ booklet
  • Gangs - Turning the Corner VHS
  • Guns in the House VHS
  • Meth - The Great Deceiver VHS
  • Missing and Exploited Children: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow VHS
  • McGruff: Bikes and Pedestrians VHS
  • McGruff: Dangerous Strangers VHS
  • McGruff: Halloween VHS
  • McGruff: People, Different but Alike VHS
  • Preventing Gangs: Signs, Strategies, Solutions VHS 
  • Responding to Hate Crimes: A Role Call Training Video for Police Officers VHS
  • Safer Communities, Brighter Futures VHS
  • Seniors: Victims or Partners in Community Solutions? VHS
  • Sexual Assault Awareness VHS
  • Shoplifting VHS
  • Stop Bullying Now: Video Toolkit DVD 
  • Telemarketing Fraud: Don't Let It Happen To You VHS 
  • The Power of Prevention VHS 
  • Ultimate Survivors: Winning Against Incredible Odds VHS
  • Uniting Youths and Adults in Crime Prevention VHS
  • Violence in the Workplace VHS

Other Materials

  • Bookmarks - "Dial 9-1-1 In an Emergency"
  • Crayons (4-pack)
  • Crime Prevention Coloring and Activity Book
  • Internet Safety Coloring and Activity Book 
  • Key Ring with "Crime Prevention Information Center" logo 
  • Say no to Strangers Coloring and Activity Book
  • Preventing & Handling Internet Bullying Bookmark
  • When to call 9-1-1 Bookmark
  • Litterbags - "Buckle Up" - 9" x 12" 
  • McGruff's Internet Safety Pledge (sheet)
  • Pencils w/ kid's safety messages
  • Pens w/ "Crime Prevention Information Center" logo
  • Practice Bicycle Safety Coloring and Activity Book 
  • Say No to Drugs Coloring and Activity Book
  • United Against Crime booklets (produced by Radio Shack)


To request brochures, videos, or other materials or to schedule the loan of the Fatal Vision Goggles or McGruff Costume, please contact one of the following staff members:

Michelle Branson
Program Representative
Phone: (573) 526-1928

Joan Dudenhoeffer
Part-Time Clerk
Phone: (573) 522-1800

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