January 2017 Employee of the Month, Sergeant David Echternach

Sergeant David Echternach
Missouri State Highway Patrol

January 2017

Sergeant David Echternach, Missouri State Highway Patrol, has been selected as the January, 2017 Employee of the Month for the Department of Public Safety. Sgt. Echternacht was chosen as the Employee of the Month because of his actions as the responding officer to a boating accident that occurred at the Shoot Out Boat Race at the Lake of the Ozarks in August, 2016. A driver participating in the Shoot Out lost control of his vessel, which was projected to be going approximately 109 miles per hour. The vessel went airborne, violently impacted the water, and ejected the driver into the lake. The vessel sank 30 seconds after impact and Sgt. Echternacht made contact with the victim within 36 seconds. Sgt. Echternacht’s quick thinking and efforts undoubtedly saved the victim’s life.