October 2016 Employees of the Month, Trooper Adam Miller

Trooper Adam Miller
Missouri State Highway Patrol

October 2016

Trooper Adam Miller, Missouri State Highway Patrol, has been selected as the October, 2016 Employee of the Month for the Department of Public Safety. Trooper Miller was chosen as the Employee of the Month because of his heroic actions at the scene of a residential fire in Sikeston. Trooper Miller was performing his typical law enforcement duties when he overheard and responded to radio traffic regarding a nearby house fire. Upon arrival at the fire and without regard to his own personal safety, Trooper Miller entered the smoke filled residence and was unable to see. In effort to assist with searching for occupants, Trooper Miller remained low, crawled and felt his way through the residence and discovered an individual sitting in a chair. As no response was given from the subject, Trooper Miller grabbed the individual and dragged him to the doorway, where he received further assistance from other law enforcement personnel that responded to the fire. Trooper Miller and the subject, who was later identified as a disabled individual that could not walk or talk, were both transported for medical treatment. Trooper Miller’s actions demonstrate the highest and utmost regard for the citizens of the state of Missouri. Without a doubt, Trooper Miller’s quick actions, bravery, and dedication attributed to saving the individual’s life.