June 2017

June 2017 Employee of the Month, Trooper Robert North

Trooper Robert North
Missouri State Highway Patrol - Troop C

Trooper Robert North, Missouri State Highway Patrol - Troop C, has been selected as the June, 2017 Employee of the Month for the Department of Public Safety. Trooper North was chosen as the Employee of the Month for his involvement with a case that demonstrated his continued initiative and self-motivation in removing illegal narcotics from society. Tpr. North arrived at the scene of a motor vehicle crash to find EMS personnel treating a male driver for a drug overdose. Due to Tpr. North’s initiative to investigate further, multiple police agencies, including a few from Illinois, solved burglaries and pending criminal cases in their jurisdictions. A consensual search of the driver’s residence led to the seizure of over 100 wholesale prescription pill bottles containing 13,358 pills, numerous syringes, smoking pipes, and a bag of marijuana. Tpr. North assisted in determining that the wholesale prescription pill bottles were linked to a recent pharmacy burglary in De Soto, MO. While searching the residence, several components of automated teller machines were located. They were later linked to several recent ATM machine thefts in the surrounding area. The driver and his wife confessed to multiple crimes.