The sole purpose of the Fallen Service Workers Reimbursement Program (FSWRP) is to provide funding for not-for-profit organizations to provide financial assistance to the spouses and children of any local Missouri law enforcement officer, paramedic, emergency medical technician, corrections officer, and/or firefighter who has lost their life performing their duties. Death from natural causes, illnesses, or injuries not resulting from job performance are outside the program’s scope.

How the Program Works

A not-for-profit agency assisting families of fallen service workers submits an application for reimbursement funding to the Department of Public Safety (DPS). If the application is approved by the review panel, the agency will receive a letter stating the total amount of funding to be received during the specified contract period. If the application is not approved, DPS will notify the applicant agency in writing that they will not be awarded any funds.

Once an agency has been approved for funding, the following criteria must be adhered to in order to receive the reimbursement funding.

Each quarter, the agency must submit a packet of unredacted receipts/documentation for which reimbursement is being sought indicating the financial assistance provided to spouses and children (example: copy of utility bills, copy of agency's cancelled check written for tuition costs, rent/mortgage payment, etc). The supporting documentation/receipts must have the survivor’s name on them. Each receipt/document must be accompanied by a "Fallen Service Workers Application." DPS will then process each of the applications for reimbursement.

Even if the requesting agency submits multiple receipts for the same family, it must submit a "Fallen Service Workers Application" for each reimbursement request. For example, Agency X reimburses Jane Doe for her October mortgage payment. That same month, Agency X reimburses Jane Doe for her October sewer bill. One application may be submitted quarterly to DPS with all receipts for that claimant reimbursed in that quarter attached.

For each application seeking reimbursement, the requesting agency must provide copies of the fallen service worker's death certificate, marriage license, the surviving spouse’s birth certificate or documentation proving legal status in the United States, children’s birth certificate or adoption papers depending on what type of reimbursement is being sought.

This program is administered by the Crime Victims' Compensation (CVC) Program.