July Sworn Team Members of the Month

Sworn Team Member of the Month

John Fisher

Sworn Team Member of the Month

Marcus Holmes

Sworn Team Member of the Month

Anthony Bandy

Missouri Capitol Police

July Non-Sworn Team Member of the Month

Sworn Team Member of the Month

Dale Morrow
Veteran Service Officer
Missouri Veterans Commission

Sgt. John Fisher and Officers Marcus Holmes and Anthony Bandy are the DPS Sworn Team Members of the Month for July 2022.

On May 10, 2022, Missouri Capitol Police was conducting routine visitor screening at the State Capitol south entrance checkpoint when a man entered the building acting suspiciously. He told Officer Holmes he had a pistol in a large duffel bag he was carrying and that he had an appointment to show it to Gov. Mike Parson. Officer Holmes denied him entry to the building for failing to have proper credentials and notified Sgt. Fisher of the situation. Meanwhile, a state employee contacted Officer Bandy and said the man had attempted to enter the building from a different entrance and had also attempted to slip past her as a door was closing at a third Capitol entrance.

A short time later, the man returned to the Capitol without the duffel bag and was questioned by Sgt. Fisher and Officer Bandy. He asked suspicious questions and appeared unstable. The officers determined he was a convicted felon, possibly in possession of a firearm. The officers had the suspect lead them to his vehicle. There, they recovered an assault pistol, ammunition and a Bowie-style knife inside the duffel bag. The suspected was arrested for being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Sgt. Fisher and Officers Holmes and Bandy take their job of keeping the Capitol safe and secure very seriously. On May 10, they were vigilant in carrying out their duties. Their actions not only prevented an unstable, armed man from entering the Capitol, they also ensured there would be no violent encounter outside the building.

Dale Morrow, a Veteran Service Officer with the Missouri Veterans Commission, is the DPS July Non-Sworn Team Member of the Month for his hard work to ensure Missouri veterans receive the full VA benefits to which they are entitled.

Dale, who has been with the Missouri Veterans Commission for two years and works in the MVC Chillicothe office, recently assisted the widow of a Vietnam veteran receive more than $240,000 in a retroactive payment for accrued benefits that had previously been denied. In addition, the veteran’s widow will receive more than $1,400 month for the rest of her life in continuing benefits for her husband service in the war.

Dale worked tirelessly to correct a clear and unmistakable denial of service connection to the veteran’s cause of death being related to his Vietnam War service. His work resulted in a life-changing decision for the veteran’s widow.

Congratulations to all the Team Members of the Month! You have set an outstanding example for your co-workers throughout the Department of Public Safety.


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