December Sworn Team Member of the Month

Sworn Team Member of the Month

Zachary T. Costley
Missouri State Highway Patrol

December Non-Sworn Team Member of the Month

Non-Sworn Team Member of the Month

Ashley Temmen
Administrative Support Assistant
Division of Fire Safety

Trooper Zachary T. Costley, of Missouri State Highway Patrol Troop D, is the December 2021 DPS Sworn Team Member of the Month for the thoroughness of his investigative work following a traffic stop, which likely prevented an attempted kidnapping.

On Aug. 8, 2021, Zachary conducted a traffic stop for a registration violation on U.S. Highway 65 in Taney County. Zachary called for backup after the driver refused to identify himself. After two officers arrived on the scene, Zachary advised the driver he was under arrest.

The driver resisted, and it required all three officers to place the man in handcuffs after a brief struggle. A search of the man's pockets revealed a list of items that could be used in a kidnapping or planned assault – duct tape, zip ties, a bat and a stun gun. Zachary applied for a search warrant and found some of the listed items in the vehicle. He also applied for a search warrant for the driver's cell phone and learned the man and his wife were allegedly conspiring to kidnap their children from a foster home. A review of the foster home’s security camera footage revealed the man had recently surveilled the home.

Zachary's vigilance and ability to recognize certain criminal behaviors and then take immediate, necessary action most likely prevented a serious violent crime from occurring.

Ashley Temmen, an Administrative Support Assistant in the Division of Fire Safety, is the DPS December 2021 Non-Sworn Team Member of the Month.

Ashley was selected for the extremely high quality of her work, efficiencies she has created in her unit and her willingness to take on additional duties whenever another program is shorthanded or requires extra support.

Ashley works in the Elevator and Amusement Ride Safety Unit, where she has created an electronic plan review filing system that has cut the time required to process and file plans by one-half. She also helped create a new way to process amusement ride operator itinerary data that greatly assists ride inspectors in the field. Her focus on customer service has resulted in very positive relations with DFS stakeholders – compliments on her professionalism are the norm from stakeholders with whom she works.

In addition, Ashley regularly takes on extra work whenever required due to vacations or illness. She does so with a positive attitude and makes sure nothing is ever missed. She is a role model for everyone on the DFS team!


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