February 2018 Employees of the Month

February 2018 Employee of the Month, Darrell Taube

Darrell Taube
Procurement Officer II
Missouri State Highway Patrol

February 2018 Employee of the Month,Chris Terry

Chris Terry
Supply Manager II
Missouri State Highway Patrol

February 2018 Employee of the Month, Kevin Klug

Kevin Klug
Storekeeper II
Missouri State Highway Patrol

Darrell Taube, Chris Terry and Kevin Klug of the Missouri Department of Public Safety's Missouri State Highway Patrol have been selected as the department’s February 2018 Employees of the Month.

Major, sustained security and law enforcement details require more than troopers. Communications, equipment and logistics are among the areas vital to mission success. For the September 2017 verdict in the Jason Stockley case, Darrell, Chris, and Kevin were responsible for ensuring the necessary resources were available to Patrol members working in St. Louis. Utilizing their experience following civil unrest in Ferguson, they correctly and thoroughly anticipated the supplies needed to maintain operational continuity during this sustained mission. Their experience and foresight ensured that all the needed equipment was available and where it was needed.

Several times, when prepared food ran low, Darrell, Chris, and Kevin even volunteered to grill hamburgers and hotdogs to make sure everyone was fed. Knowing the support side of the detail was taken care of allowed commanders to focus on operational details. Darrell, Chris, and Kevin's work was vital to the success of the St. Louis verdict detail and ultimately the safety of those placed in harm's way.

Congratulations to Darrell, Chris, and Kevin for their fine work and the example they have set for their co-workers throughout the Department of Public Safety!

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