January 2018

Keith Hendrickson, Chief of Enforcement within the Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Control (ATC), has been selected as the January, 2018 Employee of the Month for the Department of Public Safety. Keith was chosen as the Employee of the Month for his outstanding commitment to ATC. Keith has been extraordinarily patient, incredibly knowledgeable and has been a guiding force in assisting Dorothy (Dottie) Taylor as she navigates her new position as Acting State Supervisor. During Keith’s career, and especially during the last ten months, Keith has tirelessly led ATC. Recently the agency has been experiencing a transitional and rebuilding phase. Not only has Keith been leading a team of newly hired agents, he has been indispensable in his untiring commitment to opening two new district offices. During these ten months he also led the agency through budget hearings and legislative inquiries and mandates. His knowledge of the law is profound and invaluable to the Department of Public Safety and to the industry as a whole.