January 2018
Employee of the Month

Keith Hendrickson
Chief of Enforcement
Missouri Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Control

January 2018 Employee of the Month, Keith Hendrickson

Keith Hendrickson, Chief of Enforcement for the Missouri Department of Public Safety’s Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Control, has been selected as the department’s January 2018 Employee of the Month. Keith was cited for his longtime commitment to the division and his steady hand as he led ATC during most of 2017, until the appointment of Acting State Supervisor Dorothy Taylor.

Keith, a 32-year veteran of the Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Control and Chief of Enforcement since 2012, was selected for his outstanding leadership qualities, devotion to ATC and hands-on approach to tackling any issue facing the agency.

In January 2017, Keith was asked to lead ATC until the selection of an acting state supervisor. Keith capably took the helm of the division, working well with and supporting ATC’s 29 employees and providing insight into the workings of the agency to the new Department of Public Safety leadership.

In addition to leading ATC’s licensing, regulatory, excise collection, enforcement and other programs for 10 months, Keith oversaw the hiring of new ATC investigators and their orientation, and the selection and opening of two new ATC district offices, in Kansas City and St. Louis. In 2017, Keith’s duties also included leading the division’s budget efforts and implementing regulatory changes required by recently enacted legislation.

Keith’s more than three decades of experience at ATC means he brings a wealth of knowledge in the complicated and complex area of Missouri alcoholic beverage rules and liquor control laws. This background and Keith’s institutional knowledge were invaluable in assisting Acting State Supervisor Taylor during her transition to the division in November 2017.

Keith’s long history as an ATC agent also allows him to impart his knowledge and experiences to the division’s less-experienced agents.

Congratulations to Keith for his fine work and the example he has set his co-workers throughout the Department of Public Safety!

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