December 01, 2009

Missouri Department of Public Safety awards more than $1 million to local police agencies

Grants will buy bulletproof vests, vehicles, in-car cameras, police radios and other equipment for 131 agencies

The Missouri Department of Public Safety today announced that law enforcement agencies across Missouri will share more than $1 million in grants to obtain essential law enforcement equipment to increase officer and public safety.  Items that will be purchased with the funding, provided by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, include ballistic vests, squad car lightbars, sirens, in-car cameras and police radios.  
“Protecting our hard-working law enforcement officers across Missouri should be one of our top priorities,” said Gov. Jay Nixon.  “This money will pay for more than 150 bulletproof vests, assist in the purchase of seven police vehicles, 139 police radios and other important equipment for our men and women of law enforcement.  This creative use of Recovery Act funds will spread out the assistance to 131 different departments, making a real difference for fighting crime and making our streets safer around the state.”
In total, $1,065,285 in federal Local Law Enforcement Block Grants (LLEBG/JAG) are being awarded to 131 law enforcement agencies, including city police, county sheriffs, public university police departments and state law enforcement agencies.  Grant awards are limited to $9,999.99 with no requirement for a local match.  However, grant recipients may choose to pay for equipment expenses above $9,999.99.  The funding will help pay for a total of:
§ 7 vehicles § 238 lightbars/lights § 66 sirens/light boxes § 200 flashlights § 153 ballistic vests § 459 reflective vests/protective clothing (cut-resistant gloves, raincoats, parkas) § 58 in-car cameras § 139 radios § 21 car cages/partitions § 129 trauma kits § 476 miscellaneous items (handcuffs, shackles, etc.) 
Local Law Enforcement Block Grants (LLEBG/JAG) Recovery Recipients   
Agency Vehicles Lightbars/Lights Siren Box Flashlights Ballistic Vests   Protective Clothing In-Car Cameras Radios/Repeaters Cages/Partitions Trauma Kits Miscellaneous  Grant Amount
City of Alma               1       $1,720.00
City of Appleton   1           6        9,426.50
City of Arbyrd       2 2     2   1 4 5,587.67
City of Archie   2 2                 6,250.00
City of Ash Grove   2         2         9,985.00
Audrain County         14             9,856.00
City of Benton   1 1 2       6     2  9,582.91
City of Bernie               6       7,600.00
City of Billings   3   8   31         29 7,201.66
City of Brentwood                   78 104  2,547.22
City of Browning   1     1   1         5,000.00
City of Buckner 1              


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