MOSWIN Levels, Tiers, and Definitions

MOSWIN serves two primary functions: providing internal communications capabilities for state agencies, and providing a statewide interoperability platform and access for local agencies to achieve interoperable communications with local, state, regional and federal agencies. MOSWIN also provides a platform for some local agencies’ daily dispatch and internal communications. Here are brief descriptions of MOSWIN levels and tiers:

Level 1 - Daily Use / Dispatch (Tier I and future Level 1 members)
Daily use is defined as radio communications in support of internal agency operations such as usual and routine dispatch. Daily use will occur on channels that have been established for internal agency communications. Daily use will not occur on channels established for interoperability or itinerant use.

Level 2 - Interoperability / Mutual Aid (Tier II Agencies and PSAPS)
Interoperability use is defined as radio communications in support of multi-agency response to an incident. This is typically across county lines and when responding agencies do not have access to local common channels. Interoperability use will occur on predefined system interoperability channels in accordance with the guidelines for use of those channels.

Level 3 - Itinerant / Travel
Itinerant use is defined as radio communications in support of units operating outside of their home area or system. This is typically when a unit leaves its home county.

Level 4 - Affiliated Sub System
An agency wishes to affiliate its radio system with MOSWIN through an ISSI or gateway.

Level 5 - Integrated Buildout to Increase Coverage and/or Capacity
An agency wishes to purchase and construct additional coverage and/or capacity for MOSWIN in order to meet its needs.

Level 6 - Use – Future Broadband capacity of network – to be determined.