Sworn Team Members of the Month

February 2023 Sworn Team Member of the MonthFebruary 2023 Sworn Team Member of the Month

Greg A. Weddle and Shawn M. Blackston
Sergeant                         Corporal
Missouri State Highway Patrol

Missouri State Highway Patrol Sergeant Greg A. Weddle and Corporal Shawn M. Blackston, of Troop I, are the February 2023 DPS Sworn Team Members of the Month for their outstanding initiative and investigative work that resulted in a father and son being reunited 13 years after a child abduction.  

Greg initiated a traffic stop on Interstate 44 in Pulaski County for excessive speed. The driver was unable to produce identification and Greg requested that Shawn come to the scene with a mobile fingerprint scanner to confirm her identity. The driver was identified as one of the state of Texas’ 10 most wanted fugitives with a warrant for parental kidnapping since 2009. Greg and Shawn conducted additional interviews and located her son in St. Peters, Missouri. The Collin County, Texas, Sheriff’s Office was informed of the child’s recovery and notified the father, who responded from Texas to be reunited with his son. Following a routine traffic stop, Greg and Shawn demonstrated outstanding initiative, identifying a wanted criminal suspect, recovering a missing person and reuniting a father and son after 13 years.

Non-Sworn Team Member of the Month

February 2023 Non-Sworn Team Member of the Month

Meghan E. Basinger
Public Information Specialist III
Missouri State Highway Patrol

Public Information Specialist Meghan E. Basinger, of the Missouri State Highway Patrol’s Public Information and Education Division, is the February 2023 DPS Non-Sworn Team Member of the Month. Meghan, who works at Patrol General Headquarters, creates content and manages the Patrol’s multiple social media accounts.

On Aug. 25, 2022, a Patrol account Meghan monitors received emails from a woman experiencing a mental health crisis. The woman said she had been in a traffic crash and felt responsible, that she was extremely depressed, suicidal and that she was having “very bad thoughts.” Meghan utilized information in the emails to identify the woman through her social media accounts.

With the information Meghan obtained, the Patrol was able to determine the traffic crash occurred in the Rolla area. The information was forwarded to Troop I communications staff. Troop I and the Rolla Police Department developed further information, identified the woman, and located her. Meghan’s actions allowed personnel in Troop I to quickly take the appropriate action to help a person in need. Meghan’s attention to detail, dedication, and her strong work ethic led to a positive outcome to what could have been a tragic loss of life. 


Sworn Team Member of the Month

December Sworn Team Member of the Month

Eric L. Mueller
Missouri State Highway Patrol

Missouri State Highway Patrol Corporal Eric L. Mueller, of Troop D, is the DPS Sworn Team Member of the Month for January 2023 for his thorough investigative work, which led to the arrest of registered sex offender in possession of child pornography.

While conducting routine traffic enforcement in Webster County, Eric stopped a pickup truck for a registration violation. A check of the driver revealed he was a registered sex offender. The vehicle he was driving was not among those listed in the sex offender registry. During questioning about the vehicle and his email and social media accounts, the driver opened photos in his cell phone that appeared to be of underage children.

Eric seized the phone as evidence and arrested the driver for possession of child pornography and failure to list the vehicle in his sex offender registration. The motorist pleaded guilty of one count of receiving child pornography and was sentenced to 15 years in prison without parole. Eric’s attention to detail and probing questioning resulted in the successful prosecution of a registered sex offender, who was continuing to participate in the exploitation of children.

Non-Sworn Team Member of the Month

December Non-Sworn Team Member of the Month

Robin Jaegers
Administrative Support Professional
Missouri Division of Fire Safety

Robin Jaegers, an Administrative Support Professional in the Investigation and Explosive Enforcement Unit at the Missouri Division of Fire Safety, is the January 2023 DPS Non-Sworn Team Member of the Month. Robin, a 30-year DFS veteran, is being recognized for her professionalism and ability to efficiently handle numerous time-sensitive responsibilities across two important DFS programs.

Robin handles all paperwork for blasting licensing and blasting operations across the state; she deals with blasting complaints from the public with tact and understanding. Robin has responsibility for tracking blasting fee payments and recently enabled the unit to collect almost $200,000 in unpaid fees. In addition, Robin is a key part of the fire investigation unit, with responsibility for preparing reports and cases for prosecution, and supporting investigators working in the field across Missouri. She also serves as custodian of records, prepares subpoenas and serves as MULES coordinator.

In her three decades with DFS, Robin has established herself as an integral part of the division. She is driven to serve the public and to support her fellow DFS team members.