The Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement (CJ/LE) Program (formerly known as the Narcotics Control Assistance Program or NCAP) administers several grant programs that provide financial assistance to law enforcement agencies, court and prosecution programs, crime laboratories, and correctional facilities. Federal grant funds are made available through the National Institute of Justice and U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance. On each grant's web page, you will find a brief description of the grant as well as eligibility and funding guidelines for each grant and an application packet.

The Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Program is also the designated section of the Missouri Department of Public Safety, Office of the Director responsible for the administration of the Department of Defense, Law Enforcement Support Office (LESO) Excess Property Program (formerly "1033 Program") and the DPS Law Enforcement Donation Program. For information about these programs, click on the respective link to the right.

For information about the Missouri Crime Prevention Information Center, click on "Missouri Crime Prevention Center" link to the right.

If you have any questions or concerns about the grants or programs adFor information about the Missouri Crime Prevention Information Center, click on "Missouri Crime Prevention Center" link to the right.ministered by the Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Program, please feel free to contact a member of our staff listed below. Thank you for visiting!

Grants Calendar

For your convenience, the calendar provides a list of important dates and deadlines for the application and administration process of our grant programs. The calendar is constantly being updated as new events are scheduled and new grant application packets are posted.

2017 CJ/LE Grant Calendar

2018 CJ/LE Grant Calendar


*Please be sure when addressing mail for us that the program name or one of our staff names is listed on your envelope. This is to ensure that your mail will get to the correct person in a timely manner.

Heather Haslag
Program Manager
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Troy Thurman
Program Specialist
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Laura Robinson
Program Representative
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Becky Block
Program Representative
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Joan Dudenhoeffer
Clerk (part-time)
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Tim Kempker
Program Specialist
Warehouse/LESO and Donation
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Liz Leuckel
Program Representative
Warehouse/LESO and Donation
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