The State Crisis Intervention Program (SCIP) is available to Missouri state governmental agencies through the Missouri Department of Public Safety. This opportunity will allow the Missouri Department of Public Safety to partner with other state agencies such to fund efforts to prevent or reduce crime and violence, with a particular focus on gun violence, and programs and initiatives that target the risk factors that are likely to lead to gun violence. Funding may be used for court-based, behavioral health deflection, and gun safety programs and initiatives.

DPS Financial and Administrative Guidelines (revised 4/4/24)
Information Bulletin #1 Policy on Advanced Payment and Cash Advances
Information Bulletin #2 Policy on Claim Request Requirements
Information Bulletin #3 Policy on Subaward Adjustments, Scope of Work Changes and Program Changes
Radio Interoperability Guidelines Effective (revised 7/23)
DPS Subrecipient Travel Guidelines (revised 8/6/18)
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Project Period: June 1, 2023 - July 31, 2026
Deadline for SFY 2023 SCIP Applications: May 3, 2023; 4:00 pm CST

2022-2023 State Crisis Intervention Program (SCIP)

2022-2023 Local Court Crisis Intervention Program (LCCIP)

2022-2023 Crisis Intervention Program Grant (CIPG)