The State Cyber Crime Grant (SCCG) Program is administered by the Missouri Department of Public Safety, Office of the Director from monies appropriated by the state legislature. The funds will be awarded to reduce Internet crime against children and improve public safety through investigations, forensics, and prevention. The funds will be used to continue funding for multi-jurisdictional cyber crime task forces, which were previously funded through state appropriated ICCG monies and federal appropriated ARRA monies.

WebGrants External User Manual
DPS Financial and Administrative Guidelines (revised 4/4/24)
DPS Subrecipient Travel Guidelines (revised 8/6/18)
Information Bulletin #1 Policy on Advanced Payment and Cash Advances
Information Bulletin #2 Policy on Claim Request Requirements
Information Bulletin #3 Policy on Subaward Adjustments, Scope of Work Changes and Program Changes

Project Period: 6/1/24 - 5/31/25
Deadline for applications: 5/8/24 at 4:00PM

Project Period: 6/1/23-5/31/24
Deadline for 2024 Applications: 5/12/23