This Website is Applicable to Missouri Agencies Only

The Law Enforcement Donation Program was established within the Department of Public Safety to provide law enforcement agencies with property that has been identified as excess to the needs of other agencies but still operable for use by law enforcement agencies.

The Department of Public Safety operates an office from a warehouse facility in Jefferson City, MO to allow for intake of excess property and for screening by law enforcement agencies.

The Department of Public Safety’s Law Enforcement Donation Program should not be confused with the Office of Administration’s Surplus Property programs. For more information about those programs, please visit

Available Property:

Property available from the DPS Law Enforcement Donation Program is deemed excess to the needs of other agencies and subsequently varies in availability. Donated property can consist of, but is not limited to, uniforms, flex cuffs, duty belts and belt accessory holders, flashlights, binoculars, gas masks, rubber boots, riot helmets, riot batons, laptop bags, printers, computer keyboards, computer mice, trash cans, 3-ring binders, cork bulletin boards, vests, vest carriers, patrol vehicle equipment (cages, siren boxes, center consoles, gun racks), fingerprint kits, metal gun storage racks, wood desks, wood bookcases, metal file cabinets, rolling office chairs, and metal folding chairs.

List of Property Available as of 02/08/2019

How to Participate:

There is no enrollment or application process for the DPS Law Enforcement Donation Program. Simply make an appointment with a staff person identified below to screen for property. Please do not arrive to the location without an appointment.

How to Donate Property:

Please contact a staff person identified below to determine if property identified as excess to your needs may be reusable by other law enforcement agencies in the state.

Hours of Operation:

The DPS Donation Program is open Monday through Friday between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. (unless one or both staff persons are unavailable). An appointment should be made prior to visit by contacting one of the staff persons listed below.


For more information regarding the DPS Law Enforcement Donation Program, contact:

Tim Kempker
Program Specialist
(573) 751-5428

Liz Leuckel
Program Representative
(573) 751-2184