The Crime Victim Services Unit (CVSU) provides guidance to not-for-profit agencies and local and state governments on practices and policies that impact crime victims, and provides funding, training, and consultation to help communities develop programs to serve crime victims. This activity also includes assisting victims who encounter difficulty accessing services or who believe they have been deprived of their statutory or constitutional rights. Additional activities include notification and assistance to victims whose offenders are scheduled to be released from custody or have an upcoming court hearing, or informing them of the service and the status of their protection order.

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When addressing mail to CVSU, please be sure to include the program name or one of our staff members’ names on the envelope. This will ensure that your correspondence is handled in a timely manner.

Connie Berhorst
Program Manager
(573) 526-1464
Lora Queen
Administrative Office Support Assistant
(573) 526-1464
Tina Utley
Program Specialist
(573) 522-6235
Kristina Kirchhoff-Welch
Program Representative
(573) 522-5685
Michelle Parks
Program Representative
(573) 751-5954
Rhonda Wilson
(573) 526-1929
Jake Garrison
Office of Victims of Crime/Juvenile Justice
Program Specialist
(573) 522-3778