Missouri Victim Automated Notification System (MOVANS) is a fully automated information notification system that immediately notifies registered users upon a change in an offender’s incarceration, court status or the status of a protection order. MOVANS will notify you if an offender is in custody in a county jail or the Missouri Department of Corrections and will provide you with other important custody information. This system also provides important information regarding upcoming court events and any change involving those hearings. MOVANS also provides information regarding the status of a protection order. Petitioners can be notified immediately upon service of a protection order and any change to the order.

    How do I stop receiving information from MOVANS?

  • To remove an email notification—
    Using the email address that needs to removed, send an email to to request a cancellation
  • To remove a phone or text notification, contact the MOVANS Coordinator at 573-526-1929.

Administrative Resources


Connie Berhorst
Program Manager
(573) 751-2771
Chelsea Baker
MOVANS Coordinator
(573) 526-1929
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