Eligibility For Licensing

A person may be eligible for licensing as a peace officer if the individual:

  • is twenty one (21) years of age
  • is a United States citizen
  • is the holder of a valid high school diploma or its equivalent
  • is a graduate of a Basic Law Enforcement Training Center
  • has passed the Missouri Peace Officer License Exam
  • has no criminal history as outlined in Section 590.080.1 and Section 590.100.1, RSMo.

Law Enforcement Officers Seeking Licensing Information

Out-of-state, federal or military applicants, or officers whose license has expired, must apply to POST through the Veteran Peace Officer Application found under the POST Forms section.

Police Instructor Licensing Information

An individual may obtain an instructor license application by contacting one of the licensed basic training centers. Applicants must be sponsored by a licensed basic training center.

New Training Center License Information

This application is to operate a basic training center.

Continuing Education Provider License Information

This application is to operate as a licensed provider of continuing law enforcement education.

To obtain more information on any of the above-listed areas contact:

Department of Public Safety
Peace Officer Standards & Training (POST) Program
P.O. Box 749
Jefferson City, MO 65102
Phone: (573) 751-3409
Fax: (573)751-5399
E-mail: post@dps.mo.gov