Pursuant to section 595.220, RSMo, the Department of Public Safety has developed a form and procedures for gathering, transmitting, and storing evidence during and after sexual assault forensic examinations. The Missouri Sexual Assault Forensic Examination Guidelines are available here.

Law enforcement and medical professionals are encouraged to adopt a victim-centered, trauma-informed approach to investigating sexual offenses and treating survivors. The following materials, which have not been developed by the Department of Public Safety, are examples of resources that are available to professionals seeking to develop such a victim-centered, trauma-informed approach:

Other resources for survivors, law enforcement, and medical professionals, can be located at the following websites:

For survivors: Many organizations, including the following, provide direct services for survivors of sexual offenses:

Other resources for survivors may be located using the Missouri Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence’s Service Provider Directory or the Department of Public Safety’s Victim Services Directory. Survivors may also be eligible to receive assistance from the Department of Public Safety’s Crime Victims’ Compensation Program and Crime Victim Services Unit.