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On July 21, 2005 Executive Order 05-20 was signed, authorizing the Homeland Security Advisory Council (HSAC) to review state and local security plans and grant funding requests and make recommendations for changes to better protect Missourians. The HSAC was designed to include the Director of the Department of Public Safety and relevant Public Safety Division Directors, and equally important directors of other state departments. This ensures a statewide focus for homeland security and an effective means for coordinating resources. The HSAC has been tasked with ensuring that homeland security plans and coordination are in place at the state and local level and that homeland security grant expenditures are done in a coordinated and efficient way.

On February 10, 2006 Executive Order 06-09 was issued making the HSAC a permanent governing body. The Executive Order created the position of Homeland Security Coordinator, under the direction of the Director of the Department of Public Safety. The order also added the Director of the Department of Mental Health to the HSAC, and facilitated the formation of the RHSOCs to give local input from all areas of Missouri to the HSAC. Virtually all of the federal homeland security grant money allocated to Missouri has been committed, and most of it already spent on vital homeland security programs and initiatives. To date, Missouri has not turned any money awarded back to the federal government.

Most recently, Executive Order 18-03 further expanded the council to include all stakeholders working together in Missouri’s Homeland Security efforts.  Membership now includes:

Information from the Governor’s Boards and Commissions Office and names of individual governor appointees can be found here.

The HSAC meets quarterly.  Those dates can be found on the OHS Calendar.