The Missouri Capitol Police is a state merit agency. Candidates for job openings are selected from the Office of Administration, Division of Personnel Merit System registers. In order to be considered for any job openings that Missouri Capitol Police may have, you must first be on the merit register for that position. You may make application to be placed on merit registers by following the appropriate application process for the job class for which you are applying (i.e., “On-Line Application” or “Paper Application”).  Some merit registers used by Missouri Capitol Police are closed, and application can be made only when the registers are opened for recruitment purposes.

The following merit classifications are used within Missouri Capitol Police and can be viewed at

  • Capitol Police Communications Operator
  • Capitol Police Lieutenant
  • Capitol Police Officer
  • Capitol Police Sergeant
  • Capitol Police Corporal
  • Executive I
  • General Office Assistant
  • Law Enforcement Manager
  • Office Support Assistant (Clerical)
  • Office Support Assistant (Keyboarding)

For further information regarding merit positions, current job openings, and the applicable application process for positions within Missouri Capitol Police, you may:

*Contact the Office of Administration, Division of Personnel at (573) 751-4162 or visit or

*Contact Missouri Capitol Police at (573) 751-2764 or visit

The Department of Public Safety is an Equal Opportunity Employer